Eligibility for Naturalization

The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution specifies that individuals born in the United States automatically are granted U.S.citizenship.  Legal permanent residents (“green card” holders) also may become U.S. citizens through the process of naturalization. Those seeking citizenship through naturalization must meet certain criteria, such as English literacy and good moral character, while proving a general understanding U.S. history, laws, and government.

General Overview to become a U.S citizen

1. Non-citizens who have had a valid green card for at least five years (three years for spouses of U.S. citizens), non-citizens who served in the U.S. military, and children of U.S. citizens typically qualify for U.S. citizenship if they meet all other requirements.

2.  The process of becoming a U.S. citizen through naturalization includes paperwork, background checks, an interview, testing, and an oath of allegiance. Applicants for naturalization often complete the process without legal help, but some cases require the assistance of an immigration attorney.

3. Take the Citizenship Test. The naturalization examination is composed of four parts. The speaking test, reading test and writing test all determine English language capabilities

4.  Naturalized U.S. citizens enjoy all of the same rights and privileges available to natural born citizens as long as they uphold the U.S.  Constitution and submit to other obligations of citizenship.